What do you think of when someone says “Rabbit?” For me, it’s Bugs Bunny. Loved Saturday mornings as a kid following the adventures of this “wiley wabbit.”

So when Nancy approached me and asked, “Have you ever tried Rabbit?” my first thought immediately when to the episode “Shishkabugs” (click here to watch the video) where the King wants Yosemite Sam to make him hasenpfeffer. I chuckled to myself.

Then, my thoughts turned to a image of a cute little bunny staring at me.

My reply was a squeamish “Umm…. no, I haven’t.” She insisted that I try. A week later I was presented a freshly butchered rabbit. I have to admit, I couldn’t even look at it, I took it home an put it in my freezer. It resided there until I had the courage to summon my inner Julia Child… “no fear!”

I researched two things on the internet, first a good recipe for rabbit and the other was how to butcher the rabbit into pieces. I found two great sources (click on the links to see).

Along with the rabbit I prepared mashed Yukon potatoes and glazed baby carrots. The dinner turned out fantastic! And now have to admit I LOVE rabbit (sorry Bugs). Thank you Nancy for once again introducing me to something delightful and delicious!