CSA Baskets

We offer produce Subscription Farming membership each year for the growing season. Call or email to reserve your share.

“PreSeason” shares – this precedes the regular subscription farming program, like a preview of what’s to come. Early in the season we have an abundance of early greens and cool crops like kale, lettuces, radishes, and some early peas to name a few. All this plus a dozen of farm fresh eggs for $10/week. This offering runs from approximately late March to near the end of May.

Regular season subscription farming shares – this weekly offering includes a dozen farm fresh eggs and for a small fee we will deliver directly to your door. However we encourage you to come to the farm to pick up your weekly harvest from our new produce stand. We will also offer monthly specials (for a small additional cost) such as organic California olive oil, local honey, freshly butchered free range chickens, and “Buckaroo Bouquets” from nearby Smith & Smith Farms flower gardens. This year’s 2012 season runs from early June through September.

Shares are limited, so it will be a first-come-first-served basis.

Cost: Prepaid for the entire season. (includes 1 dozen free-range eggs)
$10/week: PreSeason each week)
20/week: Regular season

Availability: Tuesday or Thursday Pick-up: Tuesday from
1pm to 3pm at the farm
Delivery: Thursday, early afternoon.
Delivery fee: $5.00/week

More Important Info:
If you are unable to procure your weekly share, please make arrangements with a friend or neighbor to pick up or accept your delivery. Due to Mother Nature’s time schedule we will not be able to stop or suspend your weekly offering, and no substitutions can be made.

Consider scheduling a trip to the farm to tour the gardens and visit the animals. Learn your food’s origins! We are looking forward to making this the best farming season yet!

If you are interested in purchasing a farm share for 2012, please call 775-246-8456 or email us via this website.

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