Welcome to Nancy’s Green Barn Farm

Hello! We are a family farm that specializes in supplying local, farm raised meat and produce. Try our free range chicken, fresh eggs and Thanksgiving turkeys. Feel good about feeding your family locally raised lamb, pork, beef, chicken and rabbit. Our 5 acres are also home to goats, donkeys, honey bees and fruit trees. We offer Subscription Farming shares (also known as Community Supported Aqriculture, or CSA) for a weekly offering of fresh, seasonal produce during the growing season. We practice sustainable farming, growing our veggies using the compost from our farm animals (no chemicals, all Certified Naturally Grown).

Call or email to schedule a Farm Tour for your group, class or family to learn where your food comes from. Get “up close and personal” with both the animals and the gardens!

Rediscover the joy of feeding your family wholesome and locally grown products. We pride ourselves in offering excellent quality and good value.

Love your body, feed it good food!